About Adempiere

ADempiere is an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning application that provides a full-suite of tools necessary for medium and large companies.  It is differentiated from other ERP systems in that it is fully customizable to your business.

The base capabilities are extensive and include

  • Accounting
  • Customer Resource Management 
  • Product Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Point of sale
  • And much more

In addition, adding capabilities, interfaces and processes is possible without a lot of effort.

As a fully-featured ERP system, it has the ability to manage very complex business models but at the same time, its default structure is rather simple. This allows smaller companies to adopt the software and then grow into more advanced use cases with stricter controls, multi-level approvals and more detailed tracking.

ADempiere has a pedigree going back before 2006 when it forked from the Compiere project.  The name is Italian and means "fulfill" or "accomplish".  The capitals "AD" in the name refer to the Application Dictionary that can be used to configure the application easily.

As an open-source project, it benefits from a fully open-source development model with contributions from developers all over the world.  The source code is hosted on GitHub under the ADempiere Project.

To learn more about ADempiere and its capabilities, please see the links in the attached menu.